About me

About Catherine Groenewald Photo by Marsel Roothman
I was a complex child and now an even more complex adult. Perhaps that is why I gratefully hope that a child reading one of my books will feel that somebody understands them and they have been heard.

I live with my incredibly patient husband, three children, six goats and eight sheep on a small farm in Stellenbosch, South Africa. When I feel especially happy I yodel (completly off key) to the majestic mountains that surround us.

My imaginary 'off time' is spent keeping Lucy, my horribly smart goat who plots all day with great care her next escape, out of my attempt at a vegetable garden.

My favourite place in the world? Definitly sitting around the dinner table with my family, all jostling to off-load happy and sad moments. Otherwise, in my studio with a blank page or canvas, staring out the window at the Eucalyptus tress bent by wind, dreaming of a story or portrait or landscape that is birthing in my heart, waiting to be delivered.
About Catherine Groenewald Photo by Marsel Roothman